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Monday, January 24, 2011

my first motif for 2011 25-motif challenge

I bought a new book "Tatted Flurries" by Sharon Briggs and that almost always pushes me to tat one of the new patterns. This is "Pixie". Another thing that pushes me to do something is a new fascinating thread. This motif is done using Sulky blendable 12wt. cotton thread. The color is Autumn. The finished size is just about 3", quite a bit smaller than the size 20 that was used in the printed picture. Great fun to tat!!

I received my Dec. and Jan. gifts from my secret tatted angel on the same day. These are very welcome. Such a lovely variety of things. There was a photo postcard of the Attenborough Church. I love reading the "Ring of Tatters" newsletters. They are always past issues, but that doesn't matter--they are full of wonderful pictures and some patterns. The Dec. envelope contained lots of treasures. 2 shuttles that were new colors, a small booklet of patterns by Rosemarie Peel, and 3 cards with frames for tatted pieces. Thank you very much for all this.

The January card contained another newsletter of "Ring of Tatters" and lots more pictures of motifs and some patterns. It also had a photo postcard of a fascinating national park. There was a very nice hemstitched hanky for me to try an edging, which I have never done and thread to try with it. The threads were Venus Crochet Cotton size 70 in green, yellow, and lavender. And thank you again for your generous package.


At January 24, 2011 at 5:33 PM , Blogger Sharon said...

Pixie measures 3 inches across it's widest part in size 20 thread, so it looks like they're both about the same size.

At February 11, 2011 at 8:54 AM , Blogger Ridgewoman said...

I have been admiring your work for some years now, but have not kept in touch. Do love to visit your blog and see what you are doing. Most of my ancestors (Johnson and Briggs) settled in Iowa and most still live there. My parents were ‘movers’ and so we ended up as far as the Pacific North west, Pacific coast and the Southwest. LOL Iowa and Nebraska were places I visited but never lived. Grandpa’s farm was at Honey Creek, Iowa (near Council Bluffs). My Aunt Geraldine went to Ames to Teacher’s college and was involved in the formation of the Iowa State Reading tests. Even though I am far away from Iowa, I’ve always felt a connection with that land around Honey Creek and Avoca (the Briggs family).
I enjoy your blog; please visit mine!
Best wishes for a healthy New Year,
Beverly Johnson-Davis aka Ridgewoman

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