Shirley Burger

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This little ballerina really caught my attention. She is Katrina Ballerina from Jane Eborall. Both of my granddaughters were little dancers and their mother joined them in the lessons.
The daughter of one of my really good friends has a daughter who is a professional dancer. I need to tat lots of these for gifts.

She measures 2 1/4" and i used HH Lizbeth #20 thread, color #111.

The snowflake is from a pattern that I found when I first started to tat. I have no idea who designed it--I had lots of craft magazines then, and cut out pictures of

things that interested me. I would be happy to acknowledge the designer if anyone can tell me who it is. The design measures 3 3/4" and is tatted with size 30 thread. Seed beads were used for color. I have learned from Linda that the snowflake was designed by Anne Orr and is shown in "Classic Tatting Book".

The pattern of the rosary is from "ladytats blog". Thank you very much, Jeanne. I used Flora size 20 thread. color 55. And special thanks to the members of HBT for all the lessons that enabled me to do this piece.

I think I now have 16 motifs toward my 25.