Shirley Burger

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I now have 14 motifs + 72 very small butterflies

This first photo is from Annie Potter's book of crocheted bookmarks. You can see that it lends itself to transcribing to tatting. The 2nd photo is my interpretation of that bookmark. Is my effort a new design? You can decide. Anyway, it was hit or miss and lots of retro-tatting . The final photo is the final product. The flowers are all take-offs fromMary Maynard's "Tatting Rings of Flowers". The threads were DMC Cebelia size 20--for the bookmark and one of the flowers, I used ecru. The other flowers were tatted in Color
#437 (a camel color), a light grey green color #524. The yellow was size 30 (because it was the right color) in color #745.
if you'd like the pattern please email me

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Photos of blanket wedding present

The first photo shows Gracie, another helper making the blanket. She had to see if we were all doing things correctly.
And, at last, a picture of the whole blanket. The other pics show my tatted hearts (the blue one is just visible on the blanket) which were stitched to the larger squares. And you can just see some of the tiny butterflies scattered all over the blanket.

The small black squares were all made by one of the ladies, and the rest were made by the rest of the people in the picture in the previous post. My tatting was also attached by just one person. The pieces and the edging were all done by another of the ladies. Colored threads were bits and pieces donated by all and were made into squares, either knit or crocheted, by them. Just one person did all of the joining and lots of people finished off the strings of the squares and also sewed on the tiny butterflies.