Shirley Burger

Monday, September 13, 2010

I now have 19 motifs--and i am working on more?

This the way my beagle, Samantha Ann, spends her day, especially when i'm playing with the computer. She's 7 1/2 now, and has arthritis, poor baby. She keeps me sane.

Here is what I did with all the leftover butterflies. They are now bookmarks and each one of the ladies who worked on that blanket has one.

I tatted another one of the bookmarks that I designed and decorated it with more colorful flowers than the first one. It, too, has been given to one of those ladies.

The Christmas ornament is from "Tatted Snowflakes" by Vida Sunderman. It is called Beaded Snowflake. I used size 20 , Color #116 Lizbeth thread. I love the Christmas colors.