Shirley Burger

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have finished my 25 motif challenge with an extra motif

Now I have another angel from Mark Myers book "Tatted Gathering of Angels". This is "Allyson's Angel". I used DMC blanc in size 20. This was a fascinating pattern. After doing the center of the skirt, there was no stopping and just rings and chains except for one SCMR. Really fun to see where the pattern would go next.

The bright bookmark is "Red Clover Bookmark" by Eliz Davis. I love the thread and this about finished it off. It's Lady Shuttle-Maker's HDT size 20 called Bell Peppers. Really lovely and I might have to order some more--only when I use up a cabinet that's full of thread. LOL.

And the last posting is from my secret tatted angel. It came in October and I finally took a picture. Too bad it's sideways. But there are 2 Ring of Tatters newsletters,which are very interesting, some rayon thread in pink and white and a lovely Indian shuttle. Thank you very much.

And now on to the new year 2011. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy New Year. And lots of productive tatting.

almost to 25 motifs

I love tatting Mark's angels. This one is LaVonne's angel. I used DMC blanc in size 20.
The halo is gold embroidery thread, about 3 strands.
I was fascinated with all the tatting shown online using the Sulky thread. Of course, I had to order some of it. The thread i've used for these 2 motifs is Sulky size 12 cotton. The color I used is Truly Teal. It's wonderful to use--just slides right along. The first motif is the first round only of "Peony" from "Tatting Patterns & Designs" by Gun Blonqvist & Elwy Persson. It was the perfect place to stop. The second motif in the bangle is "The Third Day of December" fromLene Bjorn's "24 Snowflakes in Tatting". I will offer the finished tattings to my friends that I spend each Tuesday evening with. They are wonderful to me and I love all of them. Their picture is in a previous blog.

The purple snowflake is one of Jon Yusoff's wonderful creations from her book "Tatted Snowflake Collection". This one is "Pirouette" and was tatted with some of my stash from ages ago. It is DMC size 70 in a dark purple variegated thread.

The green and white snowflake is from the same book by Jon Yusoff. It is "Astral" and was tatted with size 30 threads in white (blanc) and Christmasy green #701.

My next posting will finish this one and will be done in a few minutes unless I feel the need of a nap (which I do often).