Shirley Burger

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here is the black swan done by looking at Mark Myers' posted image of the white swan. There are mistakes but some of the steps were difficult for me to see. I might try him again.

These motifs are both done with size 8 pearl cotton from the Japanese tatting book.

The blue beaded flowers are done ahead and then incorporated into the pattern. The thread is white. It measures about 3 3/4"

The other one is tatted with 3 shuttles and it is done in only 1 round, from center to outside edge and back to center. The threads are lt. lavendar #211, dk. lavendar #209, and dk. lemon #442. It measures about 4 5/8".

This is the front of the Japanese tatting book that I use. It was printed in Japan in 1981. There is no English in the book.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The tatting is the front and back of Abby's Celtic thnail posted by Freedman 1. It seems rather bulky, but that is because i tatted it in size 10 thread. (Didn't have a stash of size 20 or 30 in the colors I wanted). I have a feeling that this was an easy Celtic pattern. Will have to find one that stretches my ability for the next try.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

This turtle is from Mark Myers. I tatted him with size 30 Cordinnet Special. I have a friend who has a huge turtle collection and mine was gifted to her for her 70th birthday.

I like to tat from my Japanese tatting book. The number of stitches is there in the diagram and also ABC to tell direction. It doesn't seem to matter that I can't read anything. I also can't read the name of the designer. This motif is one of the patterns which I have done in a variegated purple size 70 thread.
The cat is also done in ecru size 70 thread from Rebecca Jones book "The Complete Book of Tatting". Earrings are done in white size 70 with pearlized beads from the same book.
The green tree (or whatever) is from the DMC "Festive Tatting" is size 30 with DMC Cordinnet Special.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Christmas in July from Cas

What fun to open my package with all the goodies. I can hardly wait to use the threads and the bangles, maybe together. And the eyeglass case will be great to carry with me when I work with fine threads. My friends are fascinated with what I am working on. Christmas is a long way off, but my tree will be graced with the wreath ornament that Cas tatted. And the sunstrip will be great on my patio door, or on the window that looks out on the patio. Thanks Cas, and thanks to Sue for spending so much time and effort to coordinate the exchange. Love it!!!!