Shirley Burger

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The cat is the same one i've done before from Rebecca Jones' book "The Complete Book of Tatting". This time I've used grey and black size 30 thread with a red bead collar. And the angel is Martha Ess's Joyce's angel but enhanced with pink edging around the top and at the skirt bottom. The thread is size 20. I have also changed the gold--using only 2 strands of the metallic floss. It is now less heavy looking, and better, I think.
The ornament is from Lene Bjorn's "24 Snowflakes in Tatting", and is 2nd day of December. I used size 30 thread and it measures 4 1/2". I might try this again using size 80, and some beads. Unfortunately, I get slightly bored doing plain tatting such as this and am always looking for some way to enhance the pattern.
The little turtle was tatted for my friend who collects turtles. It is by Brenda Bonilla. The pattern was for needle tatting which I don't do, but translated to shuttle tatting. Instead of size 20 thread, I used 30, Omega color #1377. This made it small enough for her to have earrings if she wishes.