Shirley Burger

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aren't Mark's angels beautiful! This one is Christina's Angel and done with my stash of size 70 thread in white and variegated blue color #13.

The small bookmarks are from Mary Maynard's "Tatting Rings of Flowers". I just added tails to her designs to make the bookmarks. The blue one is a variation of flower #43. The thread is Flora color #55. The pink one is flower #46 in flora color #62. The third bookmark is flower #57 and the thread is wondeful Lizbeth #121. The combination of colors is great and i think it is my favorite to work with. The threads are all size 20. I had hoped to finish enough of these to put them in my Christmas cards. oh, well, maybe next year if they stick around that long. I have a way of handing them over whenever someone admires

The other two bookmarks are from Jane Eborall's Funny Face bookmark. Of course, we all decided that it represented a cat and I probably have 10 of them to do matching my friends assorted cats. The first one here is all white with big blue eyes and a pink nose. The other one is grey, cordonnet special color #318, and white. Both are in size 30 thread.

This will complete my 25-motif challenge for 2009. They were all finished before I had to stop tatting in Dec., and couldn't manage to post them.

I have now started tatting again, and am working on the 2010 challenge.

I hope you enjoy my efforts. I really enjoy tatting. Feel free to comment.

How do you like my cute beagle? She's wearing her coat, which I just purchased before our 1st blizzard. Amazingly, she really likes it, and stands with her tail wagging while i put it on her. i really never thought that would be possible. She does hate water, and getting wet is one of her pet peeves.
My family keeps growing--these are my granddaughters with their babies, but the boy, who is 2 1/2 wouldn't stand still for a picture since these were taken Christmas and he was too busy with his new stuff for posing.