Shirley Burger

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another 5 for my 25-motif challenge--I now have 12

The blue motif is design #19 from my Japanese tatting book. I enjoy tatting from this book because the diagrams are so complete (I cannot read the instructions in Japanese). It measures about 3" and is done with size 80 DMC thread, color #93.

When I first joined HBT, I downloaded Jon Yusoff's gorgeous bookmarks, and now I have been able to use her pattern to create my newest bookmark. I used Flora size 20 in color #55.
The bright bookmark is tatted with LadyShuttle-Maker's hand dyed thread size 20 "Bell Peppers". The pattern is in Karey Solomon's book "Tat marks the spot". and is called "Posy". It was fun to make and thread was wonderful to work with.
The large angel is designed by Mark Myers from his book "Tatted Gathering of Angels". It is called "LaVonne's Angel" and is done with size 30 thread as i didn't have any size 40 (I now have plenty in my stash).
The tiny angel is the one shown on the cover of the book "Tiny Tatted Angels" by Patricia Ann Rizzo. It adapted from angel #2 as suggested by the author. I used size 20 Clark's Big Ball--not very good thread, but I wanted to try the size. There is a tiny glass heart bead as a pendant.